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In 2014 Ágnes Kaszás and Zsófia Purnhauser founded and managed until 2019 the famous and successful InsideOut Escape Games, the very first and original real life room escape company in Finland, in which they combined theatre, art and science, which had and still has a huge impact on the entertainment scene in Finland. 

The first spark of an idea was planted into Ágnes Kaszás' mind in 2013, when she experienced an immersive theatre production called Sleep No More in New York, which made a huge impact on her.

-This is what I want to do! And I want to bring it to the masses!

The room escape industry was just about to take off in Hungary and Kaszás saw it as an opportunity. By bringing the concept to Finland she now had an easily accessible base for creating immersive experiences for the customers and a channel for taking such experiences even further.

INSIDEOUT ESCAPE GAMES: The word “impossible” is not part of our vocabulary!


After opening Finland’s first escape game in 2014, they had continued developing innovative solutions starting with the country’s first portable escape experiences and immersive event concepts all the way through to the wildest edutainment solutions. Read more about them here.



The circus has come to town! It’s bizarre. It’s grotesque. It’s a real freak show. When the lights go off, the “fun” begins. But the audience are not the ones laughing. Unsuspecting spectators vanish during performances - and it is not an innocent magic trick… A devastated friend of a missing person is crying for help - when even the police shrug their shoulders, it’s wrong to stand by. We need courageous volunteers to sneak into the backstage of the freak family circus when the show is on and unveil their dirty secrets.



In 1928 Finland's First Bank, built its own secret base at Vuosaari. A secret division of the National Security Agency simultaneously created a time machine in order to create the safest place to keep the money: in the future. The year was 2000. And now during the renovation leading to the opening of the Hotel Rantapuisto, the secret location was discovered in the basement. But something went horribly wrong in the past. The Ministry of Future Investments needs your help now from the future to fix time in the past.

BETWEEN 2014 AND 2019


By 2019 they opened 16 more immersive escape rooms in 4 locations: their own Escape Center/watch video/, at Hotel Rantapuisto/watch video/ and at Katajanokka/watch video/ in Helsinki and 1 in Lapland at Hotel Kuerkievari/watch video, which were played by thousands and thousands of people throughout the years.


Kaszas believes she has reached the goals she once set for herself. The world of room escape helped her build a platform where art and technology merge in creating fun and inclusive experiences meant to provoke the senses and challenge the participants to step outside their comfort zone and see the world from a different angle.


Stories ranging from sci-fi to burlesque. Check out some of our best selling stories below and also check out our Instagram page or Facebook page!



The experience was run by an Arti-Human host programmed to make the gaming process smooth and enjoyable. Watch trailer video here

We are proud to be pioneers!


Agnes's production crew consisted of a large variety of professionals from across different branches of the art and science fields. The company's manager was the experience designer Inna Huttunen. The know-how of actors, directors, set designers, musicians, photographers and sound designers united with the talents of professional carpenters, graphic designers, drama pedagogues and experts in experimental electronics brought together an entity with only the sky´s the limit! 

Check out our Instagram page or Facebook page!

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