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2014 STAND UP! one-woman show on identity and immigration

"Even a chameleon comedienne can have trouble finding the right color when her environment is foreign enough. STANDUP! is a one-woman riotous show produced and performed by Ágnes Kaszás about politics, womanhood, identity, fitting in, relationships, and homesickness, with a lot of music and provocation.

STANDUP! is a performance about a foreign woman's life and the difficulties of social and cultural integration in Finland. The topic is very important these days (in 2013), now that an unprecedented number of immigrants have started to move to northern European countries, where societies are becoming ever more diverse."

Working group: Sini Pesonen, Jussi Moila, Laura Dammert, Kristian Ekholm, Andrea Kovács, Pietari Kylmälä, Zsófia Purnhauser, Mara Jelinkó, Marcell Pető, Ada Halonen and Ajmo! Band.

The show was invited to Koko Teatteri-Rooli Festival, InterKult Kassandra festival, and Youth Against Racism Festival

Women In Society, Tribute to Cindy Sherman photo exhibition - concept, actor, and producer

Balkan Bitch-music video

This video was an homage to Die Antwoord made as a part of STANDUP! theatre show about politics, identity, racism, and feminism in Borat style by Ágnes Kaszás. It shows the prejudice of how Western cultures perceive Balkan and Eastern European people. A lot of exaggeration, drama, and provocation. 

Video by: Ágnes Kaszás, AJMO!(Violeta Salonen, Ilja Salonen, Bratislav Toskovic, Markus Packalén ) Kristian Ekholm, Mara Jelinkó, Hedda Wallen, Jussi Moila, Teppo Salonen, Aleksis Meaney.

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