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2014-2018 Freelance acting in Helsinki

Onneli Ja Anneli, director: Lija Fischer at Helsingin Kaupungin Teatteri

Based on the beloved children's classic, the original show included dance, the magic of puppet theater, and fast-paced actions.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, a cooperation between Johannes Ekholm, Man Yau, and 111X, was a radio play/installation produced by Sinne and exhibited in Helsinki.

In an undefined but close future, Finland is at a breaking point. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, a civil war breaks out. Organised and violent riots are spreading nationwide. We are dropped into the very epicenter of the events and we follow the Task-rabbit courier Victoria (Agnes Kaszás) who during a job runs into Guy (Markus Riuttu), a small-time criminal who has unfinished business with the Baltic mafia. Together they decide to escape and during their journey, they meet many interesting and friendly people. In the midst of the catastrophe, everybody is helping each other out. When there is nothing more to lose there is room for dreaming.

Length: 90min, Language: English, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian

Actors: Agnes Kaszas, Aura Nurmi, Harri Hertell, Iida Kuningas, Kasperi Laine, Markku Haussila, Markus Riuttu, Noora Dadu, Saara Vaniala, Sara Melleri, Stina Koistinen

Workshop in New York jointly organized by Circus Maximus & Hoi Polloi (USA) theatres

Vanhempainrakkaus/Rakkaus ja Laki, YLE Tv, director: Juha Lehtola

Dj Agitator- Dj performance at various events, like Hangö Teaterträff

Hungo Band- Hungarian tango hits in a new form -concept, singer, and producer

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