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2010-2014 Freelance acting in Helsinki​

Aniara by Harry Martinson, Teater 90, director: Aleksis Meaney at Kaapelitehdas 

The performance was selected as part of the Finnish Theatre Museum's exhibition "Theatre in the 2000".

Harry Martinson won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1974 for this piece. 

"The huge spaceship goldonder Aniara leaves the environmentally destroyed Earth and heads for Mars with eight thousand emigrants on board. On its journey, however, the craft veers off course and drifts uncontrollably into the boundless vacuum that exists between the worlds. In this void, the passengers of the Aniara are forced to create a new world for themselves, one in which they remain imprisoned forever."

Paratiisi by Jussi Moila, Teatteri Nirvana, director: Sini Pesonen, at Teatteri Takomo

The show was selected for Tampere Theatre Summer Festival and Stage Festival in 2011. In addition, the show received a special mention at the Thalia Gala as the best show of 2011.

Paradise” (2010) tells the story of a boy from war-torn Africa who arrives as a refugee in a cold, suspicious Finland. Despite violence and racism being core themes, the play maintains a hopeful, storybook quality to the end.

Eden by Mark Twain, Teater 90, director: Aleksis Meaney at Forumbox. 

The show was selected both for Thalia Gala and Tampere Theatre Summer Festival in 2013.

Teater 90° dealt with the theme of couple relations, and how we find it increasingly difficult to communicate with each other. Based on the allegory of Adam and Eve, we looked into Finnish society, the economic upheavals, the changed values that prevail, and the consequences that these have had for the individual and for the couple's relationship.

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