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2010-2012 Producer and actor in Fin-Hun productions in Budapest

Bunnygirl by Saara Turunen, director: Aleksis Meaney at Sirály Theatre-The show was selected for Vidor Festival

The Bunny Girl speaks about a woman´s purity and loss of identity. It depicts escaping and drowning into dreams, and fantasies that become invincible if one can´t let them go. Saara Turunen´s powerful play progresses in a ferocious stream of consciousness, blending levels of reality into a color-saturated fresco. The pressures women face are given stinging, concrete form in a genuinely theatrical way. 

Knives Cut The Air by Jussi Moila, director: Aleksis Meaney at Fogasház

“Funny thing—but life would be meaningless if the dead never visited the living”.
A man who is falling into his shadow. A boy who lives beneath the snow. A boy who's burning without feeling the flame. A woman who is filled with shame. Through these four people, a story unfolds.  Is it a play? It is a tragedy, but in what sense? At least it has a Chorus who comments on, argues about, and maybe even creates what we see and hear. At the heart, however, is a family. An ordinary family from Eastern Finland whose ordinary life is raised to mythic proportions. Every generation has its own emotional wounds, its painful memories trying to surface. Everyone is looking for love, struggling to love in return, and trying their hardest to figure out what love even is. Jussi Moilanen's play juxtaposes epic grandeur and crude, searing relevation and thougtful contemplation. It's open to many interpretations, all equally inspiring and memorable.

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